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Netbay Free WiFi

Netbay Free Wi-Fi service is a value added customer service to all the general public and is fully supported and funded by advertisers.

According to the Herald Sun's report issued on 3rd February 2012, more than 100,000 commuters will access Free Wi-Fi service at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne city.

Melbourne City will be the first city in Australia to be connected with Free Wi-Fi service on train station's platforms. This is supportive of the goals of the future Melbourne Plan of the City of Melbourne, to be a knowledge city, a creative city and a connected city.

With daily commuters over 500,000 people, upon full penetration the Metro Netbay Free Wi-Fi network will have extensive coverage and excellent penetration on Melbourne CBD. It represents a new and significant online platform for the promotion of and communication for the City of Melbourne for visitors, residents, businesses and merchants in the City of Melbourne.


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