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Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia have become easier to access and more popular. Since the communications industry launched Wi-Fi hotspot services in Australiaduring 2003, a time when the availability of, and access to, Wi-Fi hotspots was limited.

ACMA research suggests this picture has changed significantly. Since 2009, Australians use of Wi-Fi hot spots has increased six-fold. Recent announcements by a number of local and state governments, to build large-scale public Wi-Fi networks in various cities show consumers want free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Information

In the 12 months to June 2014, Australia’s use of Wi-Fi hotspots grew 21 percent and there are now over three million Australian internet users (aged 18 years and over) using Wi-Fi-hotspots to supplement their internet access services. In the five years to June 2014, use of Wi-Fi hotspots increased six-fold--in 2009, there were only 495,000 people going online via a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Users of Wi-Fi hotspots fall into three categories:

- People who use Wi-Fi hotspots to complement there internet access locations (such as home, work, library, school)

- People who use a Wi-Fi hotspot as their main location to access the internet

- People who exclusively use Wi-Fi hotspots for their internet connection

People who use Wi-Fi hotspots to complement other means of internet access come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. They generally reflect the broad profile of the average Australian internet user coming from different age groups, employment status, education backgrounds, income brackets and geographic regions. However, some characteristics stand out when Wi-Fi hotspot users are compared to the average internet user.